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True Scary Story is a hit audio podcast where people share their terrifying experiences directly. Listen along as people talk about apparitions, bizarre events, and paranormal happenings from first-hand experience. This podcast is a part of the Scary FM family of shows.

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Grandma's Evil Intentions (Extended Cut)
July 18, 2024x
00:35:2448.67 MB

Grandma's Evil Intentions (Extended Cut)

In this true scary story, Adriana shares the horrors of having her grandmother practice witchcraft in their own home. It didn't take long for the family to figure out that what she was practicing was full of bad intentions. Get the stories without ads at ScaryPlus.com and find out more about us and ...

Rental House of Horrors
June 26, 2024x
00:12:4617.58 MB

Rental House of Horrors

In this true scary story, Sage tells us about her experience with her family arriving at a haunted AirBnB. To this day, she still wonders who or what was lurking around the house. Listen to more shows over at Scary.fm or try ad-free episodes at ScaryPlus.com Find Edwin on social media as @edwincov (...

Encounter at the Haunted Highway
June 19, 2024x
00:11:2215.67 MB

Encounter at the Haunted Highway

In this scary story, we hear directly from Kayleen, who may have witnessed an actual haunting in a place that was already known for its lore and tragedies. Perhaps sometimes all of those legends have some truth to them. Have a story to tell? Go to TrueScaryStory.com To listen ad-free, go to ScaryPlu...

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