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True Scary Story is a hit audio podcast where people share their terrifying experiences directly. Listen along as people talk about apparitions, bizarre events, and paranormal happenings from first-hand experience. This podcast is a part of the Scary FM family of shows.

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Guardian Angels Everywhere
May 08, 2024x
00:28:0138.53 MB

Guardian Angels Everywhere

In this true scary story, Alisha tells us about her son who has had experiences even as a five-month baby, with people who have passed on. Entities she believes are guardian angels. Ad-free stories over on ScaryPlus.com and you can get in touch with us on TikTok and Instagram @scary.fm  Send in your...

The Ghosts at Grandma's House
May 01, 2024x
00:20:2828.16 MB

The Ghosts at Grandma's House

In this true scary story, Denita shares her experiences that have followed her since childhood. Upon the death of her grandmother, different entities begin to manifest to her. Ghosts that she can still vividly remember. Ad-free episodes on ScaryPlus.com and if you want to share your story, submit it...

The Thing at the Top of the Stairs
April 24, 2024x
00:15:4021.56 MB

The Thing at the Top of the Stairs

In this true scary story, Shawn tells us about his experiences seeing entities manifesting at night. At first, he suspected it was attached to his family and his activities in the military, but soon... he gets even more experiences. What is visiting him? Share your own story over on TrueScaryStory.c...

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